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Is ApologetiX trying to sanitize secular music?

Here's what ApologetiX lyricist J. Jackson had to say about the subject in an interview with HM Magazine in 2004:

We're not hear to sanitize secular music. We just use secular music coupled with humor and irony through parody as a tool to reach and teach others, the same way political parodists have been using it for years to get their points across.

Now that doesn't mean that there aren't some vulgar, anti-God, morally-defunct lyric lines in some famous rock songs that I'd like to get out of some people's heads! Parody is a great way of doing that, too. People couldn't get that horrible "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" song out of their heads until we taught them to sing the ABC's to it! Oh, you didn't know ApologetiX was responsible for that parody, too? Mozart threatened to sue us, you know.

But seriously, a few years ago, we did a parody of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" called "Life Restored." It was one of those cases where I really hated the original lyrics: "Cut my life into pieces; this is my last resort; suffocation, no breathing, don't give a bleep if they tell me I'm bleeding" and we changed thelines to: "Plug my life into Jesus; this gets my life restored; such a cakewalk, no brainer, don't need to fuss since I called Him my savior." I remember getting lines to that parody while I was mowing the lawn the day before Easter. It totally changed the way I looked at that song.

Anyway, that simple little Papa Roach parody has had some amazing effects. A Jewish twenty-something guy in Philadelphia became a Christian a couple of years ago and became a huge fan of ours, and he gives the credit to God working through that song. He is actually teased on the job for being such a big ApologetiX fan (they're not snobs; they just make fun of Christian music) and he recently finally confessed his faith to his very Jewish
mother. We've met him at a number of concerts since then. I don't know why God picked that song to draw that guy, but He did.

Another 20-something girl we met recently came to our concert in Nashville because her Christian Chick-Fil-A boss wanted her to. We assumed she was a Christian, and a mild-mannered one at that. Well, that night, we opened with "Life Restored," which is not the norm. And we gave the salvation message at the end, which IS the norm.

We found out from her boss (who called us in tears the next day) that she had given her life to Christ and said it was the Papa Roach parody that did it for her. She emailed us herself and told us how she was from a Christian home but had always wanted nothing to do with Christianity and had heard the sinner's prayer many times before but refused to pray it until that night. She said she used to "contemplate suicide" while listening to Papa Roach's singer saying he was "contemplating suicide." She was so excited that she went and told her other friends, and she was shocked that some of them weren't more excited for her.