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Special Benefit Concert For The Arron Daniels Medi

Concert #1144

Opening Band is VICAR

Our good friend Arron Daniels is station manager at 90.9 FM The Spark in Sierra Vista AZ. We first met Arron while he was at KBNJ 91.7 FM in Corpus Christi TX, and over the years he's coordinated five concerts with us. He's even been on a couple weekend tours with us.

Five years ago Arron was 220 pounds overweight and diagnosed with severe diabetes. Although he's since lost 100 pounds, he's unable to lose more, because his body has begun rejecting his medicine. Doctors warn that unless something is done, Arron will face kidney and liver failure. Two months ago, he had two mini-strokes, and now he's having issues with his kidneys, eyesight, and circulation.

There is a surgical procedure that's been very effective in helping cure Arron's type of diabetes, and his doctor says he's the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, because it's relatively new, Arron's insurance won't cover it, even though he's appealed to his insurance provider. Without insurance, the cost is $17,000.

Arron's pastor, Dennis Nitschke of New Hope Fellowship Church, has established an account for donations called, "The Arron Daniels Medical Fund" at Wells Fargo Bank. The church is managing the account, and Arron has no control over it.

We're having this concert to raise money for Arron's fund. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the fund.

$10 in advance
$15 at the door

Friday, May 1, 2009

(please plan to arrive 15-30 minutes prior)

First Baptist Church
1447 S. Seventh St.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


Sponsored by: 90.9 FM The Spark

Church phone number is: 520-458-2273

Radio Station:

For more information:
Arron Daniels